Things Teachers Love

Things Teachers Love

Things we love

Ekkkk I am so excited to share with you this awesome giveaway filled with things teachers love! No need for a lengthy intro the title alone tells you all you need to know! However I will showcase each and every wonderful item up for grabs!

Teachers love Mr. Sketch Markers
Mr. Sketch Markers are so fun for both teachers and students. You can hoard them for yourself and use them when you make anchor charts or you can add them to a VIP table and the kids will think they won the lottery! #mrsketchsmellymarkallthepapers
Teachers and their flair pens
Flair pens and teachers go together like peanut butter and jelly! Lesson plans take on a whole new life when you can color coordinate with a flair pen or 12! P.S. I recommend hiding these bad boys away in a secret lock box that no one but you has the code to they are THAT special!
You had me at laminator
You had me at laminator!!!! Having a personal laminator at home is a real game changer, seriously your life will be forever changed. I mean what could be better than a Netflix and laminating party?
Teachers Love Dry Erase Pockets
Dry Erase Pockets are an amazing way to save from having to make 1001 copies! You will love them!
Teachers Love Expos
Next up is some Expo Markers, you know you need some new ones, Johnny smashed the tip in on the very last one you had!
Teachers love some AStrobrights Paper, in fact it has been proven to increase your mood when standing in line at the printer and for those long cutting and laminating sessions!
Teachers love pencils
The name is pencils, Ticonderoga®pencils and they are amazing little golden rays of sunshine!
Teachers Love Giftcards
And last but certainly not least is a gift card, but not just any gift card.  A $50 Teachers Pay Teachers giftcard is also being thrown in the goodie bag. All of this can be yours by entering the giveaway below! My fingers are crossed that you will be the lucky teacher who gets this amazing package!
Prize: Things We LOVE prize pack including: Mr. Sketch Markers, Flair Markers, Personal Laminator, Dry Erase Pockets, Dry Erase Markers, Astrobrights Paper, Ticonderoga Pencils, and a $50 Teachers pay Teachers gift card.
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