Student Led Conferences (the’re not that hard)!

Student Led Conferences

Hey I wanted to chat a bit with you today about conferences! I don’t know about you but conference always left me feeling stressed and anxiety ridden. I was often in the corner #eatingallthethings just at the overwhelming feelings of it all. So if you are anything like me and you might be looking like this I have something great for you!

Student led conferences are an amazing way for students to take ownership of their learning. It will hold so much more meaning to them vs the standard parent teacher conferences. Right now you might be thinking, sure sounds great Michelle, but HOW?

Here are 5 simple steps to take to begin having the best conferences of the year.

Set up a student portfolio system to collect samples. I use a standard manila folder. The students create a cover and are allowed to put in different samples they may want to share. It is important to include both good and bad samples. If you are a little late in the game no worries just start collecting now.

Student Led Conferences Forms

Have the students fill out the different questionnaires about their daily behaviors and work ethic. I find that having students self-reflect on their behavior from the very beginning to be a very effective strategy in helping them to see areas that they may need to work on. I have included a self-reflection sheet in this set. Make sure students use the checklists to ensure they have everything they need in their portfolios.

Student Led Conference Inside
Conference Forms

Have a mock student led conference perhaps use a model student from the year before. During the mock conference let your student showcase their work and then set aside some time to let the class practice with a partner.

Collect some handouts that you feel would be beneficial in helping students be more successful in class. Look for things that parents can do with their students at home to increase their love of learning. I have a few freebies on reading and math in my resource library!

Encourage parents to ask students specific questions (included in the link) to further the discussion.

Student Led Conference Forms Free
additional student led conference forms

One of the best things I noticed about student led conferences is that they carry a real impact. It goes from teacher sharing what she/he sees to students taking responsibility for their learning on all levels. From behavior to academics they just are more authentic.

Are you ready to try it? Need some help getting started? I have a full set of free student led conferences you can use! Just sign up for my resource library which has some other awesome completely free resources and you can print and go.

Click on the image below to get started and if you have any questions at all please email me at

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