QR Code Listening Center

Do you have a QR Code Listening Center in your classroom? There are many ways to use QR Codes in your classroom! They make the perfect addition to your Listening Center and can be used during daily 5 rotations!  The QR codes are simple to use and the kids love the technology aspects.

Simply print the codes out and laminate for durability. I found these awesome containers at Michael’s and the QR Codes fit perfectly inside them. You can create an instant QR Code Listening Center simply print, cut, laminate and go!

How to organized QR Codes for your listening center
Don't Squeal unless it's a big deal

Don’t want to bother with the containers? You can simply add them to a binder ring and put in regular desk organizer with pencils and markers. The accountability worksheets fit perfectly inside these as well.

There are 3 things that make my QR code listening center different than many others out there. The first one is that there is a level of accountability that all students can use. There are 2 different response sheets. Just choose the one that fits your students level the best.

The next thing that makes them different than a standard QR code listening center is that the response sheet includes the QR codes. If your student falls in love with a read aloud story they can take it home and listen to it over and over again.

Something new that has been just added as well is audio instructions you guessed it in the form of a QR Code has been added to the sheets too! Serious game changer for many classrooms.

QR Code Container

The last thing you can do with this QR code listening center is a game changer for some. Not only can you use them on iPads/Tablets or smart phones you can use them on your computer as well. Each code is linked within the PDF. Got a smart board hooked up to your computer and want to play a story for the whole class? You can do it with  these codes!

Each QR Code has been created through SafeShare which deletes any annoying ads that are typically found in YouTube.  It is my hope that you will find these a useful tool in your classroom!

Some other ways you can use the Student Response Sheets is:

  • Free Choice Centers
  • Rewards for Early Finishers
  • Homework – Kids love to use these sheets for homework!

Need a set for the whole year?

I gotcha covered! I use one of the fancy pocket charts for folders to hold my response sheets, that way they are grab and go!

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