Christian Character Posters


Christian Character Posters are a great visual for students to use as a reference point throughout the day. This set of 10 posters has response sheets!



Christian Character Posters

This is a cute set of Christian Character Posters with Bible Verses that would be a great addition to your classroom, school room or Sunday School class!

I have also created two different student response sheets to go along with it that are editable!

Download the Preview to see how they differ.

Posters are 8.5 x 11 full size and cover the following character qualities.

• Friendship Ecclesiastes 4:9-10
• Generosity Psalms 112:9
• Honesty Proverbs 12:17
• Cooperation Phil 2:3-4
• Perseverance Gal 6:9
• Responsibility Col 3:23
• Consideration Romans 12:10
• Compassion 1 Peter 3:8
• Courage Deut 31:6
• Respect 1 Peter 2:17


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