Calendar and Weather Set Scribble Theme


This colorful and bright calendar and weather set is all you need to set up your entire calendar for the year. Rainbow colors allow for mixing and matching.



Calendar and Weather Set

Calendar and Weather Set in Rainbow Scribble Theme in 2 different sizes. 

If you are looking to update your theme this year this Scribble set is a cute and colorful option. This Calendar and weather set is jam packed with lots of choices and works perfect with your pocket chart. It now comes in a smaller size for those that use smaller calendars or don’t have a ton of space!

Included in this pack is everything you will need to set up a calendar and weather station in a primary room.

Download the preview to see some of the components!

Here is what is included:

• Days of the Week Headers
• Days of the Week Abbreviation Cards
• Months of the Year
• Months of the Year Abbreviation Cards
• “We Are In” Headers in 7 Colors
• “Today Is” Headers in 7 Colors
• “Tomorrow Will Be” Headers in 7 Colors
• “Yesterday Was” in 7 Colors
• Calendar Number Cards 1-31 in 7 Colors
• Specialty Cards on Rainbow background

Weather set Includes:

Header Cards in 7 colors that say “The weather is”
Weather Cards for “rainy, sunny, stormy,windy, snowy and partly cloudy and cloudy
7 word cards that say “and”
Descriptive word cards for windy, hot, wet,cool, cold, and 4 warm 
Header cards for “The season is”
Season cards for winter, spring, summer, fall and autumn
Header Cards in 7 colors that say “The temperature is”


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