Alphabet Letter of the Week Series

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Alphabet Letter Of The Week BUNDLE A-Z over 350 pages! In this bundle you will find everything you need to teach a letter of the week for the entire year! Included are 26 fun and engaging letter sound activity packages as well as hands on playdoh and sorting mats.



Alphabet Letter of the Week Series

Are you looking for a complete Alphabet Letter of the Week Series for your little ones? This alphabet activities set is a mega bundle with over 350 pages of hands on, fun activities to practice the Alphabet.

The pdf download comes with 6 different practice activity pages, Alphabet playdoh mats and sorting cards as well as Alphabet Write The Room activities.

Download the preview to receive a full sample of the letter A that you can print out and use right now!

The breakdown of each item included is as follows:

Alphabet Activity Pages

Do your students love coloring, using markers, do a dot pages, and dice games? Six different activities to practice the alphabet in an engaging and fun way. Very ink friendly as all pages are in black and white.

Included with this pack is:
•  Q-Tip Painting pages (great for fine motor skills)
•  Do-a-Dot pages (can use daubers or Scentso Markers)
•  Color the Alphabet pages (letters with pictures of things that begin with that letter).
•  Stamp, Trace and Draw pages (handwriting practice)
•  Roll the dice pages (various activities all in one)
•  Color by letter pages (different font recognition practice)

Alphabet Playdoh Mats & Alphabet Sorting Mats with Cards

2 Centers in 1

Play-doh Alphabet Mats and a full set of Alphabet Sorting Mats with 6 cards for each letter are included in the download. The activities will provide your little learners with letter recognition, beginning sound recognition as well as build fine motor skills while playing with play-doh.

Add in various amounts of cards and mats for differentiation. Play-doh mats can be used with other mediums such as wikki stix, string, or use dry erase markers to trace letters.

Alphabet Write The Room Back to School Activities

ABC Write the Room Task Card activity pack is a fun way to engage your students as you teach them their ABC’s. Each letter has 8 cards (6 picture cards, 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase card) and 3 student response sheets.

Write the room gets the kids up and moving while learning! If you are limited on space you can add them to your center with a cute basket and use as Task Cards!

Please note letter X picture cards are as follows: xylophone, x-ray, box, six, fox and six


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