Number of the Day


Product Description

Number of the Day activities can build greater number sense for your students and get them warmed up for more! This set of Number of the Day Posters are colorful and engaging. Use them during your morning math & calendar time. Simply pick a number and then showcase the many different ways you can use and represent that number.

Product Details

  • Posters included in this set are:
    • Number of the Day
    • Tally It
    • Number Line
    • Written Form
    • Place Value
    • Before & After
    • More & Less
    • Expanded Form
    • 10 Frame (2 options- up to 10 and up to 20)
    • Odd or Even
    • Greater Than/Less Than
    • Dollars & Cents
    • 10 Frame tracker to track # of days in school in color and bw
    • Draw it
    • Incredible Equation
    • Who’s Your Neighbor
    • What’s My Rule
    • Time
    • Shape
    • Base Ten Blocks
    • Piggy Bank/Money Poster

*Individual Basic Math Reference Sheets! Print on color paper to jazz them up!
• Number Words 1-100
• 100’s Chart
• 120’s Chart
• 100’s Chart with Even Numbers in Red
• 120’s Chart with Even Numbers in Red
• 100’s Chart with Odd Numbers highlighted grey
• 120’s Chart with Odd Numbers highlighted grey
• US Currency Coins: Penny, Nickel, Dime and Quarter
• Us Currency Bills: $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100
• Place Value Chart (Ones, Tens, Hundreds)
• Number Lines 1-100
• Telling Time


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