October Themed Resource Roundup

October is here!

October Resources for the primary classroom

and with it pumpkin spice everything. Although I will let you in on a little secret, I prefer pumpkin roll! For most of us once October rolls around the crazy begins. We have Parent teacher conferences, data meetings, report cards to do not to mention the stress and pressure for fun holiday themed activities for the kids!

October Themed Resources to the rescue!

I thought I would do a resource roundup for October to share some fun things you can incorporate into your monthly themed crazy.  If you do a pumpkin carving activity this set of step by step instructions has a few different things you can have the kids do. It includes 6 steps in 2 sizes as well as ones the kids can color themselves. There is a pumpkin writing activity and and a cut and paste as well.

Pumpkin Writing activity

QR Codes are a great way to incorporate holiday themed read alouds into your Daily 5 rotation.

This set of Halloween or October themed stories include something for everyone. The best thing about these is that there is 2 response sheets for each story so you have some differentiation and accountability that admins love. Another great thing about these is that the code is on the response sheet so students can even do them for homework.

Speaking of homework, are you tired of the old reading logs that never really tell you if your student read the night before?

These October themed reading response sheets are perfect because they can be used with any book. There is several different formats that you can let students pick and choose which works best for their story and you will get a better idea of their comprehension. It also has a rating option on the bottom so students can give an opinion on the book.

I also have some October themed math centers that are print and go! Laminate the cards and put them in a cute bag or set them up like write the room and give those kids a clipboard. Concepts covered in this set are

• Count the Tally Marks on the Pumpkins 1-20
• Count the Dice 1-20-Ghosts
• Number Words 1-20 Bats
• After, Before, and Between Monsters
• Odd-Even Candy Corn

Count the dice October Math Centers

Write the Room is by far one of my students favorite activities. They love to look for the words hidden around the room. Don’t worry if you don’t have room for this setup. You can always put them on a binder ring or cute container. There is a free sample to try before you buy!

October Write the Room Freebie
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