New Years Eve Reflections


New Years Eve Reflections 2019

Let’s Chat about it!

So as you sit before the fire (I am projecting one on my monitor lol) and reflect on the good, the bad and the ugly I thought I would pose a few questions for your own New Years Reflections.

I know I will be asking them of myself as well.

Reflection Questions from 2019


Maybe it was to lose weight, join the gym, leave school work at school or maybe it was just survive to the end of the year. We all set goals, some were achievable others laughable.

So which ones were you able to accomplish? Was there a struggle with some more than others?

Do you want to make some better choices in 2020?

Would you benefit from some type of accountability to help you along the way?


This is as good a time as any to ask yourself what do I regret the most in 2019? Did you stay at your old school, or take a different job at a new school.

Maybe you regret telling your Principal that you would teacher a new grade. Perhaps you regret the extra time you spent after hours on school that took time away from your own family. #mommyguiltalltheway #maninthemirrorsyndrome #practicewhatipreach 

It is okay to have regrets. It can be the motivation you need to grow and make changes you wouldn’t normally make.

To grow we have to sometimes get out of our comfort zones, reflect on our experiences and what they taught us and do something different.

Ask yourself “what do I want to do differently this year?” and then DO IT!


Maybe your biggest takeaway is that you need to realize that perfection doesn’t exist. Let that sink in it really doesn’t exist! Pinterest worthy projects or classrooms look great on Pinterest but depending on where you teach, who you teach and any given minute factor it may not be achievable and that is OKAY!

Don’t compare yourself to another, it really is the thief of joy. With the stress of administration, testing, a tough class and a whole host of things I know you could add, you don’t need the added extra stress of comparing yourself to another.

Give yourself some credit for what you have done and who you are. Give yourself credit for the love you have poured in daily to your students.

Realize that taking time out of the day to help “that kid” made all the difference in the world to him, his parents and possible his teacher next year. Reality is 2020 will have its ups and downs, it won’t be perfect but it stands a great chance at being awesome! You are in charge of your life. So make some goals that will help you on the way to making 2019 your best year ever!

Download a freebie to help you with your goal setting! P.S. there is one for the kids too!

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