Making a Difference

Making a Difference


Each and every day across the world there are teachers who are making a difference in the lives of the students in their classrooms. Today I want to take some time and blog about one such teacher!

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About 2 weeks ago my son’s teacher made one simple change in his classroom and it has made such a significant change in my son that I just had to blog about it! She is probably very unaware of how significant it is, she is probably just relieved that my son is behaving better and she is able to teach without so many interruptions from my little guy! 

I should first give a bit of background here, my son is often times “that kid” you know the one you have seen so many Facebook posts about, not to mention memes that involve alcohol! He can be high energy, a blurter(is that a word?), has some social issues, handwriting/pencil grip issues, anxiety when overwhelmed, but he is also super smart, a great conversationalist, possesses a kind heart, and of course the love of my life.  

His 2nd grade teacher has an awesome teaching style that he has gravitated to. He LOVES her, although he tries her patience each and every day, I know he feels accepted and loved in her class.

So are you ready to hear what she did? She simply moved my son next to the most well behaved kid in the class. This kid is so nice, and he models great behavior, so much that my son’s days are remarkably better.  He still struggles a bit but he actually can’t wait to get to school each morning now and for this mama who values education it makes my heart happy. He is smiling and has his head held high when I pick him up and can’t wait to tell me about his day.

I know the quote above says “even if you never know it” but I plan to make sure she knows how much she has done to improve our year thus far! I hope that there is a person in your life that values you and the efforts you make on a daily basis and if not I pray that you will see how significant you are! What you do matters! Thank you teachers of the world, you have so much power, use it wisely and continue making a difference.


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