January Write the Room Activities



This month I thought I would share my January Write the Room Activities set. I can’t believe the year has already ended and it is time to think about getting into the swing of things for school again. These are some of the components of my Write the Room for January. What I love most about these is that all of your little learners can benefit from the activities. Those that need extra handwriting practice can use the trace it page while those that are doing well can simply write the word from the card in a blank space.  It also includes a word search and a fill in the sentence response sheets too. 



If you have been wanting to give Write the Room Activities a try you can download a small sample only available from my blog by clicking on the picture below!

Teaching Superkids sample write the room set, try it before you buy it!

This set does have some prep in that you will need to print, cut, laminate (cut again lol) if you are like me. The full set includes 3 different winter themed sets with 8 picture cards each. It also comes with a bonus set of word building cards that use various sight words along with smaller picture cards so that students can practice writing their own sentences. There are sentence response sheets as well for the students to write down which ones they created. Again there are some differentiated ones included! If you would like to take a look at the full set you can click on the link below!




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