January Math Centers Updated

January Math Centers Updated
I recently updated my January Math Mats and made completely new center games and activities for them.  I wanted to show you all the goodies that are now included. If you already own them you get the updates for free! Don’t yet have them but want an inside look?
Time for a sneak peak at what is included and a freebie is included below!

Comparing numbers with cocoa and cream!

Students will pick a cocoa mug card and a cream card and compare the numbers on the mat! You can laminate the mat or put it in a clear plastic sleeve. It come with a response sheet as well for students to track their work.

Comparing Numbers
More or Less than 10
Addition Practice Pages

Addition Clip Cards & More or Less than 10

Clip cards are such an easy way to set up a center! You will want to make sure to put a small mark on the back of the card prior to laminating to show the correct answer so students can self check when they complete the activity.  You can even use a sticker if you want! My kids love to use the clips in centers so I am looking at trying to find more ways to incorporate them in!

In this center students will need to clip to show more or less than ten. The response sheet will help them to keep track of numbers they worked on during that session.

Numbers on a number line

I added a cute set of snowman having a snowball fight! Students will need to determine what number is under the snowball! They can track their work on the response sheet.

Numbers on a number line
Kinder math centers

Pick, Roll and Subtract

The next review center is one to practice their subtraction skills. My students love to use dice any time they can! Students start by picking a number card and then they roll a die. They will subtract the two numbers and keep track on the response sheet.

January Teen Number Practice Activity

In this center students will use the teen number activity mat to show 3 different ways to represent a teen number. Typically I still have a few each year that struggle with their teen numbers. This is a great hands on activity that will keep them counting! The three ways are tally marks, ten frames and dice.

Teen number fun

These are just some of the updates to the January Math Centers and I am working on February’s set right now. It is my goal to ensure you have enough differentiated practice activities to last the entire month. If there is a specific skill you would like to see included, please feel free to comment on this post or send me an email at teachingsuperkids@gmail.com. I hope you enjoy the set!

Click HERE to access 11 math practice pages you can use during January! Just print and go!

January Math Centers
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