Growth Mindset Don’t Ever Give Up

Growth Mindset Don’t Ever Give Up

Growth Mindset you don't get better at things you give up on

This weeks Monday Motivational Poster is using a Growth Mindset that reminds us that: you don’t get better at things you give up on. In our classrooms we have the opportunity to encourage kids when they feel like they would rather give up. Instill a sense of confidence as they keep trying those math problems or sight words. Remind them that “You don’t get better at things you give up on.”

This week the story is the story of Rosie Revere. She dreams of becoming a great engineer one day. Rosie sees inspiration in everyday things that others see as trash. She crafts her inventions at night alone in her room. She is a shy girl and doesn’t share her inventions with others, she hides them away. One day she gets a visit from her great-great-aunt Rose.

Aunt Rose who is Rosie the Riveter shares that she had one unfinished dream; to fly. Rosie knows what her next invention will be! She is going to find a way to make her aunt’s dream come true! When the invention fails to fly Rosie decides she is a failure. Aunt Rose shares a different mindset. The mindset that despite what Rosie thinks about her contraption it is actually a success! She tells her that you can only truly fail, if you quit. She encourages her to keep trying and to not give up!

Growth Mindset rosie-revere-engineer

I hope you enjoy this week’s Growth Mindset poster and read aloud! 

Click here to download your free poster and link to a video.

You don't get better at things you give up on Growth Mindset Poster

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