Custom Bundles

Create your own Custom Bundle

I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing teachers to create custom bundles of item from my Teaches Pay Teachers store! I have over 300 items that you can pick and choose from or if you have an idea of a resource that you would love to put in the hands of your students I can work closely with you to get you that exact item you have been thinking about! 

What is included in a Custom Bundle?

Each custom bundle is unique in that you get to choose what goes in it. If you want just one or two files or maybe 10 you can browse my resources and pick and choose what will work best for your classroom budget.

How does it work?

Custom bundles work in 2 ways you can pick and choose from over 400 resources that are already in my store or you and I can work together to create exactly what you need.  If you decide you want to change your classroom decor theme you may want 4 or 5 specific files but most bundles come with 8 or 9 so there are files you know you will not need or use over the year. Don’t pay for extra items to sit on your computer taking up space. Tell me exactly what you will need and I can make it work. Do you have specific language or want the option to make the item editable? I can work with you to ensure that you can use the item in the years to come.

I will work closely with you to ensure that the product will meet your needs prior to purchase. I always create mock ups for clients to review and sign off on so that they get exactly what they asked for. I like to avoid buyers remorse at all costs lol!

Do you see 3 or 4 files you need for your upcoming English Language Arts lessons? Do you want to bundle them up and save over the individual price together? I can create a custom listing specific to those needs and give you a discount on the items. 

Sign me up, what’s next?

All you need to do now is start browsing and making a list of items you might want to include in your custom bundle. Send me an email at and I will get right back with you to start the process. I will work closely with you if you have changes on existing items I may already have or new items that I create for you. We will agree on price together prior to posting!

Feedback on my Custom Bundles

Here are just a couple of feedback ratings I have received on my custom bundles!

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