Celebrating Nevada Day with a Sale!

Celebrating Nevada Day with a Sale!

Nevada Day Grapic


Its Nevada Day tomorrow and a great group of sellers from the Silver State will be having a sale in celebration. It technically falls on the 31st but we are observing it on Friday the 30th.

I have lived in Las Vegas almost my entire life and all of my kids are born and raised here! We are still experiencing highs in the 80’s with Halloween set to be 78 degrees. I am not sure I will get to wear that Halloween hoodie I so desperately wanted to wear!

I am marking down my store 20% for Friday October 30th this will include all of my bundles as well so get in on a great deal. I already have them discounted 30% so add that extra 20 and you get half off some amazing bundles!

Thank you so much for shopping in my store, I love to hear from my followers.  If you ever have an idea or would like something customized to meet your classroom needs please don’t hesitate to email me at teachingsuperkids@gmail.com I love to customize sets for teachers!

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